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I am a graduating undergraduate course graduate. I am honored to have the opportunity presented to you my personal information. In society, in order to better play to their talents, would like to make a few self-Leaders recommend.

Good university life, cultivate my rigorous scientific thinking method, I also created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and pioneering spirit of innovation consciousness. Basic knowledge of both inside and outside the classroom to expand the vast social practice, a solid and broad perspective, so I understand the society; to develop a continuous learning and work. Excellent quality is rigorous, the steadfast work style and the unity cooperation, so I am sure they are completely in the positions in setting, dedication, more business! I believe that my skills and knowledge required by your organization is, I sincerely desire, I can sacrifice for the future of their own youth and blood!

I am cheerful and lively personality, interests and broad; open-minded, steady work; collective concern, a strong sense of responsibility; sincere, serious work of the initiative, with professionalism. In the four years of study and life, I have a very good professional knowledge, learning achievement has come out in front. In my spare time, I read a lot of professional and extra-curricular books, and mastery of a variety of design software written word is not advertising, not pass. But I know: a young man, can through continuous learning to improve themselves, to prove himself in practice. Dear sir / miss, if I can won your appreciation, I will dutifully take practical action to prove to you: your past, I too late to participate; but your future, I would like to sacrifice my life of hard work and sweat! Once again extend my most sincere thanks!







Dear sir,

Four years as a senior clerk in sales department of the New World Products Company have,I believe,given me the experience to qualify for the job you advertised in Thursday's newspaper.

Since 1981 I have been responsible for all office details in the administration of sales,including writing much of the correspondence.In the course of my work,I have become familiar with the various sales territories,and have also in my spare time experience of handling business problems other than my proper sphere.

The years before I was employed at the New World,I was a secretary for Long Brother,an accounting firm.There I became familiar with accounting terms and procedures.

I was graduated at Wah Yan College, in June 1974. I am twenty-five years of age and single.

I am leaving my present position because I can use my capabilities more fully in a position with wider scope. My present employer knows of my ambition and is helping me to find a new place.

May I see you at your office to tell you more about myself and show you just how well I can do the work you require.

Yours faithfully









Dear Sir or Madam,

I saw your advertisement for a sales manager in China Daily on February 15th. In July I will receive my MBA degree from Tsinghua University. I would like to be considered for the post.

I believe I will make an eligible candidate for the position because both my educational background and work experience have been in line with the requirements mentioned in your ad. The fact that I am qualified for the position is substantiated not only by my academic achievements, but also by the rich experience I gained during my internship.

Many thanks for considering my application.

Yours truly,

Li Ming


Cover letter headings  Bank personal cover letter  Hello. The bank has been a good image in the social reputation, I am about to graduate, if there is a chance is willing to your company can effect a modest! My name is _X, graduated from the China University of Mining and Technology, was studying financial management specialty. The following is my personal letter of introduction.  I to your bank for some basic understanding. As a newcomer students finish their studies, I have the confidence to accept the social test and the challenge from its own. During my college study hard, strict demands on themselves, respect for teachers, and actively participate in various activities organized by the school. On weekdays, and teachers and students live together in peace together. In English, passed Band Four six examination. I know, the bank clerk is the need to have a strong sense of responsibility, practice. Therefore, in school period, I tried a different practice and work. I do Secretary, did the promotion, has made the family, worked as a waitress, different occupation has given me a different experience let me gradually from a silly little girl into an independent thinking, problem solving skill and teamwork spirit. In order to remain invincible in the work, do a better job.  I hope to go to your bank to work, to learn the theory of combination of knowledge and practice, so that their life can have a qualitative leap. I believe that your bank is whole image, management mode, working atmosphere will be more attractive to me in my mind, is the pursuit of the ideals and goals.  We enclosed a copy of my resume, hope to be able to notice will have the opportunity to meet.  Sincerely yours  Salute

翻译:   求职信标题  银行个人求职信  您好!贵银行一直以良好形象在社会上享有美誉,我即将毕业,如果有机会的话很愿意能为贵公司效一份微薄之力!我叫_X,毕业于_大学,学习的是财务管理专业。以下是我个人求职信的内容介绍。  我对贵银行进行了一些基本的了解。作为一名将结束学业初入职场的学生,我有信心接受社会的考验和来自自身的挑战。我在校期间学习努力认真,严格要求自己,尊敬师长,积极参加学校组织的各类活动。平日里,与老师同学和睦相处。在英语方面,通过了四六级的考试。我深知,银行职员是需要有强烈的责任感的,实践出真知。因此,在学校期间,我尝试了不同的实习与工作。我做过店员,做过促销,做过家教,做过服务员等,不同的职业给予我不同的经历让我渐渐从一个懵懂的小女孩转变成为了一个具有独立思考、解决问题的能力和团结协作精神。以求在工作中立于不败之地,更好地做好工作。  我很希望能到贵银行去工作,使自己所学的理论知识与实践相结合,让自己的人生能有一个质的飞跃。我相信贵银行的整体形象,管理方式,工作氛围会更加吸引我,是我心目中所追求的理想目标。  随函附寄简历表一份,望能通知能否有机会见面。  此致  敬礼


Dear school leadership:


Learning that your school in an orderly, well-managed in the community enjoy a high reputation. i am filled with a boundless enthusiasm for education of youth, eager to be able to work in such an environment, their own talent. allow me to own to tell us about you.

_ i _ session of pre-university students in school during the hard hard work, not only in the outstanding achievements of the professionals, but also other psychology, english and other areas to expand their knowledge. four years, in the repair of more than 30 courses in the door, almost more than two-thirds of gifted, learning the psychology of all professional courses, the psychology has reached the professional level. in addition, i also trained hard under the basic skills classes, have stronger language skills, organization and management of scientific research capacity and ability to use modern teaching methods for teaching and learning. normal practice in changchun, the fully reflects the higher overall quality of their own, the practice of recognized units.

I am solid self-confidence in their own professional knowledge, rich in psychological knowledge, organization and management of high capacity and teaching ability, competence and good will certainly be able to complete your work to me, please your school gave me a chance.