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| 章剑


put something together = to make or prepare something by fitting or collecting parts together例如:

to put together a model plane/ an essay/ a meal

I think we can put together a very strong case for the defense.

résumé = CV = curriculum vitae = a written record of your education and the jobs you have done, that you send when you are applying for a job

cover letter = covering letter = a letter containing extra information that you send with something例如:

Send a covering letter and a CV to the following address…

intriguing = very interesting because of being unusual or not having an obvious answer例如:

These discoveries raise intriguing questions.

an intriguing possibility

He found her intriguing.

feel free to do something = used to tell somebody that they are allowed to do something例如:

Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand.

‘Can I use your phone?’ ‘Feel free.’

come across = to make a particular impression例如:

She comes across well in interviews.

He came over as a sympathetic person.

informed = having or showing a lot of knowledge about a particular subject or situation例如:

an informed critic

an informed choice/ decision/ guess/ opinion

They are not fully informed about the changes.

Keep me informed of any developments.

resourceful = good at finding ways of doing things and solving problems, etc.例如:

These women were strong, resourceful and courageous.

address = [usually passive] to write on an envelope, etc. the name and address of the person, company, etc. that you are sending it to by mail例如:

The letter was correctly addressed, but delivered to the wrong house.

Address your application to the Personnel Manager.

opening = a job that is available = vacancy例如:

There are several openings in the sales department.

at your earliest convenience = (business) as soon as possible例如:

Please telephone at your earliest convenience.

set = to cause somebody / something to be in a particular state; to start something happening例如:

The new leader has set the party on the road to success.

Her manner immediately set everyone at their ease.

Hoping to apply to a job in an English-speaking country? You might think that after putting together your résumé or CV your work is done, but there’s still a very important step left: the cover letter.


想要在英语国家找工作,光准备好简历是不够的,cover letter也绝不能忽视。

A cover letter is a short letter – no more than one page – that goes on top of your application. It’s the first thing that employers read, and, if it’s well-written and intriguing, should encourage the hiring manager to turn the page and look at your application, instead of throwing it in the trash and moving on.

cover letter在你申请资料的首页,内容不超过一页纸。你的雇主会最先读这一部分的内容,所以cover letter一定要写得“引人入胜”,否则,你精心准备的申请资料只能被扔进垃圾桶了。

It’s important to remember that the cover letter makes a first impression, so it’s important to pay particular attention to spelling, grammar, and readability. The letter is your opportunity to show your personality, interpret your experience, and explain to the employer why they should hire you.

cover letter会给雇主留下对你的第一印象,所以一定要注意拼写和语法的正确性以及可读性。它是你展现个性和解读阅历的机会,你要给雇主一个雇用你的理由。

Because the letter should be specific to the job opening, don’t send the same letter to every company you apply to. Feel free to use similar ideas and wordings, but employers should not be able to tell that you erased another company’s name and wrote theirs in. Do a little research about the company before you write the letter. You want to come across as interested, informed, and resourceful.

每一封cover letter都是对应具体的招聘职位的,所以不要去每个公司应聘都用一样的cover letter。你大可以在不同的letter里用相似的想法和措词,但是别让雇主感觉你仅仅是擦去了上家公司的名字换上了他们家的。在写信前,多做些调研。你应该让雇主感觉你对该公司很感兴趣,并且见多识广足智多谋。

Start by addressing the letter. Do what you can to find the name of the person who will be making the decisions, and address it to them. This makes the letter more personal. Otherwise, address it to a relevant job title:

Dear Mr. Jones,

Dear Ms. Smith,

Dear [Company Name] Hiring Manager,

[note: in the US, it is customary to put a period/full stop after the abbreviations “Mr.” and “Ms.” In British English, this punctuation is left out.]

开头称呼部分,尽量找到可以直接决定是否雇佣你的老板的名字,这样显得更加personal. 找不到的话,就写给相关的公司负责人。

In the first paragraph, explain why you’re writing. State the position you’re applying for and where you heard about the opening. If you talked to anyone in the company about the position, be sure to mention them by name, as it will distinguish you from other applicants. Also include a very brief explanation of why you’re interested and who you are.


In the second (and possibly third) paragraph(s), discuss your experience in more detail and, most importantly, how it applies to the opening. Don’t list everything that you’ve included in your résumé or CV. Instead, choose a few very relevant and/or impressive points that will intrigue the reader. Use active words that highlight your skills.


These paragraphs give you an opportunity to change how the hiring manager reads your résumé or CV. For every bit of experience that you mention, say how it demonstrates a skill that would be essential for the job. This is particularly important if your experience isn’t quite in the same field as the opening: you have the opportunity to explain how your experience in other fields can be applied to this new one.


Remember that employers will pick whichever candidate they think is best for them. Don’t talk about why the opening is perfect for you, but instead why you are the perfect candidate for the opening. The difference is subtle but important to keep in mind!


In your closing paragraph, inspire confidence and show enthusiasm. Restate your interest in the position and say that you look forward to discussing your qualifications at their earliest convenience(feel free to use those exact words!). Providing your contact information and suggesting an in-person discussion show your enthusiasm, put the reader in the mindset that they would like to contact you, and make it easy for them to do so.


Finish the letter by thanking the reader for their time and consideration, and then conclude with:


[Your Name]

结尾,要感谢雇主花时间阅读我们的cover letter,类似我们中文里的“感谢您在百忙之中阅读这份求职信,诚挚的期望能得到面试机会。”

最后,跟一般书信的落款一样,写上Sincerely 姓名.

A successful cover letter will set you on the road to employment. Once you’ve written the letter, reread, reread, reread. It can’t be stressed enough that this is your first impression to the employer. Make it count!

These days, applications are often submitted electronically by email or online. If you submit your letter in this way, submit it as a .pdf file rather than a .doc or .docx. This way, it looks cleaner and more professional.

Soon, you’ll be on your way to the interview!

一封成功的cover letter会让你成功走上就业之路。写完了之后,要自己反复读几遍,这可是你给雇主的第一印象。